Q Acoustics Concept 300 Bookshelf Speaker Pair with Stands (White/Light Oak)

Price: $4,499.00
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Product Description

Q Acoustics high end loudspeakers, Concept 300 bookshelf speakers with standsQ Acoustics high end loudspeakers, Concept 300 bookshelf speakers with stands


Since its founding in 2006, Q Acoustics has built an unrivalled reputation for designing, engineering and manufacturing innovative, high-performance and class-leading loudspeakers at affordable value ranges. This ongoing and concerted demonstration of excellence has all led to Concept 300.

The brief for Concept 300 bookshelf speakers is simple, yet staggeringly ambitious. Build on the runaway success of the high-end floorstanding Concept 500 speakers and deliver a stand mounting alternative that’s at once more affordable, of utterly uncompromised performance and of stylish, understated elegance.

There follows a brief explanation of just how Q Acoustics has made this happen and, by extension, why Concept 300 represents the state of the loudspeaker art in the 21st century.


Concept 300 Speakers

Enclosure type: 2 way reflex

Mid/bass driver: 6.5”

High frequency unit: 1.1”

Frequency response: 55Hz – 30kHz

Nominal impedance: 6ohms

Minimum impedance: 4.7ohms

Sensitivity: 84dB

Stereo Amplifier Power: 25-200w

Crossover Frequency: 2.5 kHz

Effective Volume: 11.4 L

Dimensions W/H/D: 8.6” x 14” x 15.7”

Weight: 14.5kg / 31.97lbs (per speaker)

Carton Dimensions W/H/D: 12.6” x 19.7” x 20.4”

Concept 300 Tensegrity Stand

Dimensions W/H/D: 19.3” x 27.1” x 16.9”

Weight: 8.6lbs (per stand)

Carton Dimensions W/H/D: 29.1” x 30.7” x 18.1”

Packaged Weight: 27.11 lbs (pair)

Q Acoustics loudspeakers Point to point bracingQ Acoustics loudspeakers Point to point bracing

Concept 300 Point 2 Point Bracing Feature

The intelligence of the design of the Concept 300 cabinet is evident in its use of P2P (point to point) bracing. Q Acoustics is able to measure the performance of the cabinet structure at a microscopic level and identifies the precise positions that require support.

So the P2P targeted cabinet-bracing method means the cabinet has exactly the support it needs, and no more. In this instance, a long and involved analysis of a problem results in a simple and brilliantly effective solution.

Top Image – Conventional Bracing: Heat map showing unbraced wall velocity dispersion

Bottom Image – Point 2 Point Bracing: Heat map showing cabinet wall velocity with P2P Bracing

Concept 300 dual gelcore cabinetConcept 300 dual gelcore cabinet

Concept 300 Dual Gelcore Cabinets

Having dealt with lower-frequency vibrations using P2P bracing, Q Acoustics then negates higher-frequency cabinet vibrations using its bespoke Dual Gelcore technology.

The Concept 300 cabinet is comprised of three individual layers, each separated by a non-setting gel – the gel acts rather like a high-tech and extremely effective gasket. Any stray high-frequency vibrations are converted into heat which dissipates within the gel.

Q Acoustics Concept 300 Bookshelf Tensegrity Stand & Isolation Base System

q acoustics concept 300 tensegrity stand baseq acoustics concept 300 tensegrity stand base

With a standmounting speaker design like this, of course, the speaker’s relationship with its stand is of fundamental importance. And it’s the design of the new Tensegrity stand, and the new isolation base suspension system that joins Concept 300 to it, that allows Q Acoustics to redefine the level of performance that’s possible from a smaller loudspeaker.

But, of course, it’s of little consequence how efficient your speaker cabinet is, or how ingenious the design of the stand it works from, if the union between the two is unsympathetic or inefficient. Q Acoustics joins Concept 300 speaker to Tensegrity stand with the new isolation base suspension system, which is about as sympathetic and efficient as it gets.

concept 300 tensegrity stand

concept 300 tensegrity stand

isolation base

isolation base

Driver Units and Crossover

Driver Units and Crossover

Tensegrity Stands

Tensegrity is a tripod – by definition, an extremely stable structure. It’s built from lightweight aluminium tubes (which are the load-bearing element) and thin stainless steel cables (which maintain the position of the load-bearing tubes). The result is a light, exceptionally rigid and self-supporting structure with a remarkably low surface area and – let’s not pretend otherwise – beautifully elegant appearance. It’s not so much a speaker stand, it’s more an entirely new loudspeaker support concept.

Isolation Base System

The entire mass of Concept 300 is suspended on the four springs of the newly developed integrated base plate. This isolation base system works in multiple ways: it prevents energy from the speaker leaking into the Tensegrity stand and affecting the sound, it prevents vibrations for the floor making their way from the stands into the speaker, and in every circumstance it provides a rigid coupling between speaker and stand.

Thanks to the combination of Tensegrity stand and isolation base suspension, the performance of Concept 300 is entirely unhindered by internal or external influences.

Driver Units and Crossover

Q Acoustics has taken its proven (and acclaimed) driver technology from the Concept 500 floorstanding speaker and enhanced its performance to perfectly match the requirements of the Concept 300’s smaller cabinet.

The mid/bass driver is a 165mm impregnated/coated paper cone with very low resonance thanks to its high-performance rubber surround. It sits in front of a large (35mm) glass fiber voice coil and equally substantial ferrite magnet. The result is midrange and bass response that’s as punchy and dynamic as it is poised and eloquent.

Above it, the 28mm high-frequency driver, made of super-fine strands of coated microfiber, is decoupled from the speaker cabinet using a rubber gasket. This protects the tweeter from sending or receiving unwanted vibrations and allows it to be mounted close to the mid-bass driver. This improves integration with the larger driver – and the very subtle horn-shaped profile to the tweeter’s front plate allows perfect impedance-matching with its environment without coloring performance.

q acoustics high-end concept 300 bookshelf speakers with standsq acoustics high-end concept 300 bookshelf speakers with stands

Cabinet and Stand

Ideally, the only vibrations a loudspeaker produces are the ones required to generate its sound. Of course, it’s not possible to entirely rid a loudspeaker cabinet of unwanted vibrations that can interfere with its performance – but, as Q Acoustics has demonstrated with Concept 300, it is possible to keep cabinet vibrations to an absolute minimum in order to deliver entirely uncorrupted sound.

Q Acoustics uses MDF rather than one of the more glamorous and/or expensive alternatives to construct the Concept 300 cabinet. There are a couple of reasons for this: a) alternative materials offer no benefits in terms of damping, or even ease and simplicity of construction, over the very high-performance MDF delivers, and b) more expensive materials simply drive up the eventual cost of the speaker for no audio gain whatsoever.


A combination of rigorous engineering, uncompromised industrial design and aspirational aesthetics makes Concept 300 the most fully realized loudspeaker Q Acoustics has yet delivered. In combination with the equally meticulous Tensegrity stand, Concept 300 represents a step-change in loudspeaker design and a redefinition of what is possible at its cost.

* You can now buy the Q Acoustics High-End Concept 300 Bookshelf Speakers without the stands.

Tensegrity stands comprise a structure of load bearing solid stainless steel bars forming an inherently stable tripod
Isolation Base Suspension System prevents vibrations moving through the bottom of the speaker
P2P cabinet bracing eliminates unwanted energy and reduces distortion
Includes: 2 x Concept 300 Speakers, 1 x User Manual, 2 x Cleaning Cloth, 2 x Jumper, 2 x Foam Bungs, 2 x Speaker stands, 6 x Spikes, 6 x Rubber Spike Covers, 6 x Top Plate Screws, 8 x Speaker Screws, 1 x Manual

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