Best sounding computer speakers under $100

If you are a person who loves to spend the most time in front of the screen watching different videos and playing games, then you must be worried about the speakers of your laptop or computer. Mostly, it has been noticed that very costly laptop and pcs come with a very lower quality speaker set. 

Therefore, using a screen system without a proper sound system becomes a headache for us. So here is a list of 5 best sounding computer speakers under $100 for you to choose one which seems best for you. We have focused on the quality of sounding computer speakers so that your money provides value to you.

PreSonus Eris 200 words

Many reviews have proved that the PreSonus Eris pair of speakers are the best for you if you love to play games on the computer and watching movies too. As among the best sounding computer speakers under $100 these speakers are the best in terms of reviews and quality. 

A pair of PreSonus Eris speakers come with woofers and 3.5 woven composite drivers that help them to generate a very powerful base. These speakers have the qualities to provide you very balanced sound that you can listen to for hours.


  • These speakers come with woofers that can produce very high-quality sound for you.
  • PreSouns speakers can connect easily to any line-level source. You can connect it with a mobile cell phone or any device with the same input method.
  • Like the other PreSonus speakers, these also provide you high-quality and smooth sound.


  • These speakers are specific for near-field monitor speakers, but not as loudspeakers for home audio.
  • The cable you will get with these speakers is average. 

Reviews and ratings

The overall rating of these speakers is 4.7. That is proving this product’s the best sounding computer speakers under $100 in 2021.

Reviews have revealed that this pair of speakers is best if you are looking for in-room pc speakers. They provide value against your spent money, so if you need it, you can buy it without any concern.

Razer Nommo: Custom Woven 200 words

If you are a game lover and want to have a loud sound in the room while competing, then these speakers are best for you. Moreover, you can enjoy movies and listen to music with the help of these speakers. They provide you high-quality sound and allows you to realize the different distinct layers of voice.


  • These speakers have a very loud volume range and the best quality voice delivery. Even you will enjoy half of the volume.
  • Their enjoyable lights are making them necessary for your gaming room.
  • You can use this product either with a USB jack or a 3.5 mm audio port.


These speakers are the only best gaming computers and laptops. So you cannot use them with a cellphone or any other device. Using them on any other device can affect their quality of voice.

Reviews and ratings

This model of razor speakers owns an overall rating of 4.7. It means these speakers are the best sounding speakers for your gaming activity.

As far as reviews are concerned, many customers after using have revealed that they have very high-quality voice good lights show and very loud sound. So for gaming purposes, these speakers are recommended in any case.

Logitech Multimedia 2.1 200 words

If you are looking for a universal set of speakers that can be used with different devices like mobiles, computers, and any other voice-producing devices, then these universal speakers are best for you. You will get the same high quality of voice with any device. 

You can keep them easily on the side table or desk and enjoy the best quality voice from your television, cell phone, or tablet.


  • You can enjoy very full and rich bass with any kind of track or song or television program.
  • You will get an extra wired control pad that allows you to volume up or down by sitting or laying on the bed.
  • Their design size and connectivity jack are making them more suitable than others.


The wire that comes with these speakers is too short, so you have to buy an extension by yourself.

They don’t have rubber pads underneath, so you will face slipping problems. To avoid this, you have to buy extra rubber pads.

Reviews and ratings

These speakers have 4.1 ratings overall, so they are good if you are looking for a low-budget speaker. They can provide you good voice quality with different devices.

Reviews are proving this product an average product. Some consumers are complaining about short cords, and some others are about rubber pads. Though these things are adjustable so if you have a tight budget then go for these speakers.

3 Logitech Z313 2.1  200 words

The best product from the list of best-sounding computer speakers under $100 is Z313 by the Logitech brand because of its budget and its reviews from the customers. These speakers can easily be used with any type of device like television, cell phone, and ideally with computers. This speaker comes with woofers and a control pod that makes it easy to use and provides high-quality sound.


  • Z313 speakers come with a very convenient control pod. You can control volume, bass and turn it off/on easily with the help of a control pod.
  • You only need 25 watts of power to have high-quality and full voice. So don’t worry about power.
  • Subwoofers are only to provide you high-quality bass in the background.


These speakers provide the best quality voice and sound quality with computers, but when you will use them on any other device, then sound quality may be affected. They work well, but on another device than a computer we cannot guarantee you.

Reviews and ratings

These speakers have ratings of 4.5 out of a thousand reviews. It means this speaker is the best among the low-budget speakers.

The review is proving this speaker exceptional because many customers have reflected that the quality of sound is high. These speakers will increase your convenience and provides you good bass quality too.

Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Subwoofer 200 words

If you are looking for a speaker set that comes with a control pod and woofers on a low budget to provide you high-quality voice and convenience, then this cyber acoustics is the best speaker.

A very good look and design and also easily adjustable quality is making it a unique speaker within a low budget. Cyber acoustics can be your best-sounding speakers if you are a high-quality choice lover.


Just like other expensive speakers, cyber 2,1 also has an easy control mod. That provides you variety and comfort.

Powerful sound allows you to watch movies and listen to audio even from a distance rather than a room.


These speakers are best in doing their business, but lighting is something that is making them look like cheap ones. But if we cast a look at the price, then these speakers are the best to provide you with quality sound.

Reviews and ratings

With an overall rating of 4 from thousands of customers, these speakers look decent among low-budget speakers. But if you are expecting something like higher-budget speakers, then you might get disappointed.

Reviews have shown that the quality of the sound is good but sometimes due to lower manufacturing quality, these speakers break the voice. This is the issue that some customers have raised after using.

Final words

In the end, I have shown everything that relates to these speakers. Some speakers are good at providing an excellent experience of gaming, while the other ones are best for watching movies and listening to music. Now you can decide after seeing everything which speakers are best among best sounding computer speakers under $100. Before buying any kind of speaker, always research your need and then look at the product that seems best to you within your budget range.

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