Best home theater speaker under $500

Everyone doesn’t want to watch the movies in the cinema with a lot of crowds, so people try to find the best system for the home theater. This system should involve the best watching screen as well as speakers and light. So in this guide, we are going to give you a detailed review to buy the best home theater speakers under $500 it means we are trying to provide you best-sounding speakers within your limited budget. Keep reading and find the best product for yourself also we are a firm that tries to present the customer reviews with expert opinion, so you will surely find the best speaker here for your home theater.

1 Yamaha YHT- 4950U HD

If you love to enjoy surround sound while watching Netflix then this Yamaha YHT home speaker set is best for you as it will provide you with well-balanced and surround sound while enjoying your favorite show.

Yamaha 4K ultra HD speaker theater also supports Dolby Vision and HDR.

The Speaker system is so smart that you don’t need to adjust its sound and other functions as it will automatically analyze the room and adjust all the things and will provide you with the best surround sound.

This Yamaha YHT-4950U speaker system comes with subwoofers that will provide you with heavy bass as well as it contains a visual cinema front design.

The design allows the speaker to be placed at the front of the room and will provide you with power and surround sound.

With the help of Bluetooth streaming, you can connect your system virtually with the screen or TV and place this speaker wherever you want to place it in the room.


The full package includes 5 speakers subwoofer and speaker wire also 1 AV receiver

Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity options

Recommend for televisions

Standby power consumption of less than 0.2W.

Easy installation and setup

Automatic Yamaha YPAO room optimization

Expert and customer opinion

With a lot of technologies like automatic room optimization and quality surround sound, this speaker is highly recommended by experts.

After using this speaker, customers are loving its features like direct navigation to any input, surround sound, strong bass, easy setup, balanced volume division among speakers, wireless connection, and much more.

2 Logitech Z906 5.1 surround sound system speakers

Being a lover of movies, you should have the taste to reckon the best sound. So if you love 3D surround sound while your best movie show then this Logitech Z906 speaker is best for you because it comes with Dolby Digital and DTS audio formats.

This speaker, with all these digital features, will allow you to have the best experience of home theater.

Unlike the other home theater speakers, this Logitech is specially designed to produce a loud sound even at a low power of 500 watts. Hence, if you are living in an area where power drops, then this theater speaker will make your movie-watching time disturbing-free.

This is the best home theater speaker under $500 which can be connected with multiple devices like TV e sound gaming PC DVDs any other video player also with the mobiles.


Surround sound satellite speakers

Multipurpose speakers with easy connection with TV, gaming consoles, or music player.

Premium material delivers quality sound

Expert and customer opinion

If you want to use a speaker with multiple devices, then these speakers are recommended by the experts due to their features. It can easily be connected with different devices and provides you quality surround sound in any atmosphere and delivers consistent 600w output.

Customers are enjoying its features like the connection with different devices and quality home theater experience and recommending this speaker to everyone.

3 Harman Kardon HKTS 16BQ 5.1 Channel speakers

Do you want to enjoy your movie time with a lot of controls like power, sound bass, and other factors at the home theater then this Harman Kardon 5.1 is best for you. It will provide you with high-quality surround sound with very strong bass, as well as this sound and bass, which are controllable.

With easy control, you can easily adjust the bass of the speakers. It comes with a very good remote, which allows you to make changes while sitting on the couch. Moreover, the 5.1 home theater system is upgradeable to 7.1.


5.1 channel surround sound speakers

Controllable subwoofers and bass boost control

Powerful output with 200W subwoofer

You can upgrade it to a 7.1 channel

Experts and customer opinion

These speakers are tested by the engineers, and they found an amazing co connection between different parts of the speakers, hence that combination provides a 360-degree surround sound and amazing all to gather sound effects

Customers find it easy to install with color-coded wires and easy placement anywhere in the room with long wires. Moreover, reviews have shown that speakers have a deep, full, and very resonant sound.

4 LG  LHD657 Bluetooth multi-region

In the low budget of 500 dollars, you have the best option to make your home theater experience very good is LG LHD657. This best home theater speaker under $500 comes with a 5.1 channel also has a free HDMI cable. Moreover, these speakers have an HDMI output radio and PAL support.

Dislike the other speakers, this speaker can also be used with multiple devices like TVS laptops televisions smartphones tablets, and much more.

This speaker is very easy to set up and install.


Region free and subwoofer home speaker

PAL support system

You can play as well as record sound with the built-in mic

Wireless audio streaming with Bluetooth

Recommend for televisions and  smartphones

Experts and customers opinion

The expert considers this speaker the best one among wireless speakers because it provides easy audio streaming, built-in mic recording multiple connection options, and clear stylish, and elegant sound. 

Customers after using it found it amazing due to its sound quality, subwoofers, easy setup, and long cables. Moreover, it’s best for 4k TVs because of its compatibility.

5 Samsung HW-Q67CT 38.6″ 7.1 channel

Are you looking for a wireless subwoofer home theater speaker with dual connectivity at the same time, then this Samsung HW-Q67CT is the best home theater speaker under $500 for you. Because you can easily connect the speaker with two devices at the same time and also, so it comes with a subwoofer, so it replied you with strong bass.

With this speaker, you will get a fully 3d surround sound experience. Being a wireless speaker allows you to get out of the mess of wires.

Its complete remote allowed to control the functions like volume power animal the effects easily.


3D subwoofers speakers for TV

Dual device connectivity at the same time

Bluetooth and HDMI connection enabled

Amazing rich quality audio all together

Experts and customers opinion

Experts found it amazing when connected through HDMI cables, and they recommend using it too. In addition, the sound quality is amazing, and it can be used with any kind of TV.

Customers found it amazing as it delivers 3D quality surround sound with amazing effects.

Moreover, these wireless speakers provide excellent sound with easy setup and installation.

Final words

In the end, all these above speakers are best for home theater TVs. It is hard to find a quality product within a low budget but did it for you. You can choose one that suits you best for your requirements and buy it simply. Moreover, all speakers are best for 4k, 8k TVs and produce surround sound so that you can feel like the cinema while watching your movie or best show at the home.


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